Access to US Services


•American Association on Mental Retardation
•AMC Cancer Information Center
•American Cleft Palate Education Foundation
•American Diabetes Association
•American Foundation for the Blind
•American Kidney Fund
•American Liver Foundation
•American Paralysis Association
•Amputee Coalition of America
National Limb Loss Information Center
•Cancer Information Service National Line
•Captioned Films for the Deaf
•Chrysler Corporation Assistance Line for
the Disabled Driver
•Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation
•International Shriners Headquarters
(800)237-5055 •Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
•Job Opportunities for the Blind
•Lung Disease
•Medicaid Hotline
•National Adoption Center
•National Association for Hearing and Speech Action
•National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired
•National Center for Stuttering
•National Child Abuse Hotline
•National Crisis Center for the Deaf
(800)446-9876 [TDD only]
•National Hearing Aid Society
•National Information Center for Developmental Disabilities
•National Multiple Sclerosis Society
•National Spinal Cord Injury Hotline
•National Tuberous Sclerosis Association
•Retinitis Pigmentosa Association
•Sickle Cell Disease Association of America






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